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Routing & Siting

Routing and siting is the foundation that ultimately determines a project’s success. At Quanta Environmental, we understand the need for foresight and collaboration to determine the preferred alternative.

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Public Outreach

Public outreach is one of the many advantages Quanta Environmental provides as part of its cohesive, construction-minded team.

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Projects regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) require proper planning, budgeting and execution to overcome the complex challenges required for FERC authorization.

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When a project involves federal assets (e.g., federally-owned properties), utilizes federal funding or when a federal permit is issued, compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is required.

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Cultural Resources

Quanta Environmental’s cultural resources management services provide in-depth project coverage to identify and provide solutions to ensure construction commencement and compliance.

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Field Studies

Quanta Environmental conducts field studies to determine potential regulatory and permitting needs for your project. Field studies include determination and delineation of waters of the U.S., threatened and endangered species habitat and other sensitive natural communities and cultural resource surveys.

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Quanta Environmental's construction-minded approach allows us to work with you to ensure your project’s environmental permitting and consultation needs are fulfilled.

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Construction Compliance

After the project design and permitting process has been completed, environmental compliance during the construction phase is crucial. Quanta Environmental was born from a construction background and has the experience to manage issues that can arise during construction.

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Legal Support

Quanta Environmental can provide legal support of varying degrees, when it is required, to support project activities and minimize potential delays.

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