Quanta Environmental Visits NEPA Project Site


This summer Quanta Environmental Solutions staff were honored to accept a private tour of the Four Winds Casino in South Bend, Indiana.  A landmark of the federally-recognized Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians, the tour included a look at the public spaces of the facility, with added emphasis on how the Pokagon Band heritage has been incorporated into various construction features of the casino and associated facilities. A behind-the-scenes tour included office spaces, employee-only areas and kitchens of the various themed restaurants.

Quanta Environmental prepared a NEPA-compliant Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Pokagon Band to support the development of the casino on tribally-owned property in South Bend.

This visit to South Bend also provided an opportunity to meet with local government officials who were integral in the pre-development phases of the project and still vested in the social and economic benefits resulting from the facility.  Time was also spent visiting with Pokagon Band representatives, which treated Quanta Environmental staff to a local minor league baseball game at the stadium for which the Band has naming rights. Together they celebrated the opening of the Pokagon Band tribal development which marks the first land held in trust for an Indian tribe in the State of Indiana.

The multi-day trip served as a reflective experience for the Quanta Environmental team who were able to see the fruits of their labor firsthand. The effort progressed from an initial plan for multiple developments in 2010, to a single, large-scale community and multi-services development that required the highest level of National Environmental Policy Act coordination in May 2012 and ultimately to a signed Record of Decision in November of 2016.  Being able to see the proposed vision carried out to final construction was gratifying and gave the team a desire to pursue more projects of similar scale.

Deanna Werner